Golden Shoe 2021

On Tuesday, Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich was awarded the 2021 European golden shoe, recognizing his achievement as the continent's greatest goal scorer in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Morrison Calls Jokowi on Indo- Pacific 'Aukus'

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called President Joko Widodo related with Indo-Pacific Security Pack to ensure that Australia will not obtain nuclear weapons, following the establishment of 'Aukus'. Morrison ensured his Indonesian counterpart that  Aukus Security Partnership would contribute to peace and stability as well as a strategic balance in the Indo-Pacific region.

Korean Peninsula Crisis

Just hours after North Korean tested second missiles, South Korean conducted its first underwater launched ballistic missile test on Wednesday. After north Korea and South Korea testes series of ballistic missiles, does it still relevant using missile weapons as an 'ace' card on international negotiations? To discuss about the issue further, Mrs Dewi Fortuna Anwar, a Research Professor From The Centre For Politics (BRIN), has joined on Asia Prime to share her thoughts

The Papandayan Jazz Festival 2021 Held In Dec

The Papandayan Jazz Festival 2021 will be held in this coming December, after it was cancelled last year due to the covid pandemic.
On Asia Prime, Bobby Renaldi, general manager of the Papandayan and founder of TP Jazz Management and also Yolande Melsert, head Culture and Communication, and director of Dutch cultural centre Erasmus Huis tell us how the organizer prepare and collaborate with other parties for the success of the event

INDO – PACIFIC Security Pact

U.S President Joe Biden announced that the United States is forming a new Indo-Pacific security alliance with Britain and Australia, that will allow for greater sharing of defense capabilities, including helping equip Australia with nuclear powered submarines. Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and Scott Morrison appeared together virtually to detail the new alliance, which will be called AUKUS. The three announced that they would quickly turn their attention to developing nuclear powered submarines for Australia.

China Earthquake

Firefighters are racing against time to initiate emergency search and rescue efforts, after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake jolted Luxian county of Luzhou city, in Southwest China's Sichuan province.

ISIS Leader Abu Walid Killed

The President of France late Wednesday announced the death of the leader of Islamic state in the Greater Sahara Adnan Abu Walid Al-Sahrawi, calling the death a major success for the French military, after more than eight years fighting extremists in the Sahel.