Afghan Humanitarian Crisis

The United Nations has drummed up more than $1.2 billion in emergency pledges for Afghanistan, as the country faces an impending economic meltdown and humanitarian crisis. 

China Covid Update

Officials in Putian, a city in southern China that is trying to contain a coronavirus outbreak, stop the public from leaving the area since Sunday, suspended bus and train services, and closed cinemas, bars and other facilities.

Korean Peninsula Crisis

North Korea announces a new long range missile test on Monday. The country's main newspaper The Workers' Daily published two photos, showing a missile was being launched and flying in the sky. The test was overseen by Pak Jong Chon, a Politburo member and a veteran of North Korea's Missile Development Programme.

New York Fashion Week 2021

After more than a year and a half, New York Fashion Week is back with more space, reduced invite lists, and a packed schedule of runway shows. Everyone, who enters a fashion show at any location, must show proof of vaccination.

Grape Cultivation Business

After being laid off from his job during the COVID 19 pandemic, a resident in Indonesia’s Central Java is now trying his hand at cultivating grapes in his backyard. The result of his small vineyard has been beyond expectations as the man is now able to earn a turnover of up to millions of rupiah monthly.