Hong Kong Court Jails 9 Activist

Nine activists in Hong Kong have been handed jail sentences of up to 10 months for joining a banned Tiananmen candlelight vigil last year

Taliban FM: Government Won’t Allow Militan Crisis

US intelligence officials have warned that al-Qaida could begin to threaten the United States from Afghanistan within one to two years. Afghanistan's new foreign minister pledged the Taliban will not allow militants to use its territory to launch attacks.


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has visited Egypt for talks with President Abdel Fattah El Sissi, the first official visit by an Israeli Prime Minister in more than a decade.


Parents protested outside the Peruvian Education Ministry on Monday over a pilot program testing for the return of in person teaching in Lima amid the coronavirus pandemic. Parents association representatives see return to classes can be done when teachers and students have been fully vaccinated against covid-19.

UN Donors Pledge $1.2 Billion For Afghans

The United Nations has drummed up more than $1.2 billion in emergency pledges for Afghanistan as the country faces an impending economic meltdown and humanitarian crisis.


The Taliban say Universities in Afghanistan, that were closed after the group’s takeover, will soon reopen, but with new rules. 

Catalan Separatists Rally In Barcelona

Tens of thousands of Catalans marched through Barcelona on Saturday, calling for the region's independence from Spain. The demonstrators flooded the streets of downtown Barcelona, representatives of the Catalan and central governments are due to meet soon for negotiations on a solution to the region's political crisis.The massive rally caeme ahead of upcoming talks with the Spanish government.

For several year, Catalonia's voters have been roughly equally divided over independence, with half in favor and half wanting to remain in Spain.